The style of photography with your phone

In these days everyone is carries mobile with them; most of the people have mobile phone with inbuilt camera. It this way the craziness among people about photography has been increased. But there are few things to be considered while doing photography with your inbuilt camera mobile phone.

There are different types of mobile phone available in the market, most of the people loves to click there pictures and upload it on social sites like face book, Gmail, Google plus, Orkut, twitter, linkedIn and many more…. Even there are many applications which are available in the market in which you have the options to upload your photographs.

Things to remember while doing photography with your mobile phone:

  • In most of the phones inbuilt cameras are available, if you enjoy doing photography with your mobile phone then you should know each and every details of inbuilt camera and its features, you should know that your phones camera zooms properly or not, you should also know about the special features in it.

In the market there are many Smart Phones available, which includes inbuilt 41 mega pixel camera. If you know about photography exactly, then you can click good quality pictures from less mega pixels inbuilt camera mobile phones also.

  • Most of the times while taking photograph hands shake, because of which good quality photos are not taken out and photograph gets blurred. While doing photography with your mobile phone you must always use both of your hands. Because of which there will be less movements happen and you will get good photographs clicked.
  • In the mobile phones there is an option of zoom, which is known as digital zooming. In digital zooming the pictures on the screen can be zoomed. On doing photography avoid using zoom option, instead of zooming you can take pictures by going close to the object.
  •  Whenever Camera in on in touch screen of Smart phones, always one box is seen / visible. When you put your finger anywhere on the screen then automatically box gets appear at that point. And this is known as Auto Exposure.

Use of features:

For good photography you must set features of your mobile phones according to your requirement, features like; Focus Mode, Resolution, Effects, White Balance, and Shutter Sound.

In Smart Phones you must use Grid Feature, in this screen is parted in nine parts, at the time of photography you get benefit of this 9 partition for focusing on the object.

Adding Camera Application to Your Mobile Phones:

If you have good mega pixel camera and even have knowledge of how to do photography then use this application for adding more effects, and creativity.

After taking photograph from your Smart Phone, you can use Camera Application with which you can make your photograph more beautiful. If you want to do some creativity with the photograph which you have taken, for this also you can use Camera Application. You can search / get this application from Google play, I store… etc. if you are not able to get this application online then you can purchase it from the relevant mobile stores.

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