Feb 042013

I had recently struggled to make my electricity payment due to my busy schedule. I badly wanted to make this payment online, I knew we could do so, but the process of the same was very complicated. DHVVN or DHBVNL have a website and have an online payment option, but it is so confusing that it confuses most of its users. I had struggled a lot to find a proper way of making this payment. But after a bit of struggle I could succeed in making this payment.

Below are the steps to make your Electricity Bill payment online for DHBVN(Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam)

Step 1

Click on this link “online payment”. Now you would see this screen.


Step 2

Please Select “KNo.” Then type the DTR No. (You can find this in your electricity bill) in the box next to KNo.

Press Submit Button. Then you will see this screen.


Step 3

This screen will provide you all the details about you Electricity Connection.

In The Current Bill tab you can view your current bill.

If you wish to make an online payment click on the “Online Payment Tab”

Then you will see this screen


Step 4

Click on the “Make payment” Button.

Now will have the option of payment through “Credit Card” Debit Card” and “ Net banking”

If you wish to pay using “Credit Card” or “Debit Card” then you will have to shed few extra bucks. But “Net Banking” payment will not charge you anything extra.

Hope this information helps.

Enjoy Safe and hassle free online payment.

  Responses to “Online Payment of Electricity Bill DHBVN”

  1. This site is disgusting. Except for once or twice I have faced an issue with the site everytime. We wish to make online payments to save time, on the contray it takes away all your time…even more than you would actually need to drop a cheque. It is really sad.. They should seriously do something to rectify it or else not make a noise about their online payment facility.

  2. i m also not found ant DTR & K NO on my bill

    plz help how to get it for online payment

  3. This is Manoj,I have made a payment through my card on dt-24-Jul-13 but it took long time to process and also atlast my payment was unsuccessful but i got a message from my bank that amount of Rs.1922/-has been debited from my account.

  4. How to edit personal information? mobile number and email to receive alerts to bill on mobile and email.

  5. i could not pay online payment, the amount not show in make payment option so the the process will not continue further

  6. Waste website….It redirects me to personal details instead online payment gateway.

  7. thanks for the process. However the bill i receive from DHBVN, does not have any of either the DTR or the K No.
    The only no mentioned on the bill is the account no or the old account no.
    is the DTR no a part of the account no.


    • I am trying this for the first time….where is the k no. or DTR no… there is nothing of this sort on the bill !!!
      Please help

  8. Thanks alot.. this was really helpful…..
    You made it easy for me to make the payment….

    Again thankuuuuuuu………..

  9. I am not able to see my details thru my KNo. 2221017541. Plz help me, how i can make the online payment.

  10. We were also fighting for it.Thanks for helping us.

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