Mar 122013

High Drama is coming on the way in one of the famous and longest serial of color Television show “Uttaran”. In this serial right now Rashmi Desai (Tapasya) is admitted in hospital while saving her daughter Mukta. So will Tapasya die? or what new twist will come in the near future. If sources are to be believed then Iccha will be donating her heart to Tapasya to save her life. This will mark the end of Iccha (Tina Dutta). Right Now Tina is playing a duo of Iccha and Mitthi and she will be left with a role of Mitthi in the show.
The plot of the drama came when Tapasya exposed Tej in front of all the family members that he killed daddaji. She showed the video tape recording of the murder and Tej came with a Gun. He took Mukta to his gun point but in all the action when he was firing on Mukta, Tapasya came in the middle to save her. Eventually Tej was caught by the police but currently the situation of Tappu is shown very critical. Iccha will again show the greatness for her friend and will save her life.

Uttaran’s story is currently moving around Iccha and Tappu. Now the makers of the serial has decided to move the show to run around the younger generation but Rashmi Desai and Tina Dutta will be present as Tapasya and Mitthi to salvage the situation. This serial started with a plot of friendship between a rich and a poor girl. Tapasya, the child of a wealthy landlord known as Jogi Thakur, and Iccha, a sweet maidservant’s daughter. Conflicts were shown when Tapasya finds that Iccha is getting more love and attention from her family. It was shown that both of them falls in love with a same guy Veer Singh Bundela. The jealous Tapasya sets out to destroy Iccha’s happiness and finally the makers may end this friendship drama through sacrifices.

The show began on 1st December 2008 and is still running successfully with lot of viewership. This act may hurt the fan following of Iccha but still Tina Dutta will be present as Mitthi. Hope that this drama would increase the TRP and the viewership of the show.

Recently news has come that Tina Dutta may leave Uttaran.

  Responses to “Iccha (Tina Dutta) will Die to Save Tapasya (Rashmi Desai) in Uttaran”

  1. it is a nice story about two friends

  2. I agree with Shyam they should just finish the show.”No more Iccha No more UTTARAN” It has become a complete
    nonsense how they are treating MEETHI seems like she has no brains. So please stop stop this Rubbish, once and for all.

  3. Uttran was the story about a girl named Iccha. Now she is GONE, so I think the story should be Finish with her.

  4. Basically i could not understand whats problem with the director of uttaran? or story writer? what nonsense there are showing in the serial? How come any body wait for a whole generation to take revenge? when ichha character is very much available and the so called vishnu alias akaash and his mother dont do anything to take the revenge on iccha and wait for one generation and they act upon? What is this? Do the Director thinks that people watching the serial are no sense to watch this nonsense? It is alway better to the audiance to quit the serial as early as possible. The treatment given to the mitti is also not correct. It shows over dose of negitivity and send wrong signals to the general public. Its not good.

    • I totally agree with you. now these days the story line is totally is showing how to misstreat women.It is not good for image of India.

  5. Thank God,dull headed Icchha died.Now am want Meethi to die so dat people shd understand dat being gd is ok but one shd not be completely brainless like Iccha and Meethi


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