How to Pay MP Electricity Bill Online

We all know that our banking system has become online and we all know how to use debit and credit cards to do shopping online. But if we talk about any government electricity bill then it was like a big pain to pay it. Personally speaking all of us used to find some agent who can pay electricity bill with some extra charge to avoid long queue in the government office. But now government of India has understood our pain and Madhya Pradesh electricity bill can be paid online very easily.

We will describe the procedure to pay MP electricity bill online step by step.

Step 1 – You need to have your previous bill copy in which you can find the IVRS number. We have marked the IVRS number below in red. Normally IVRS ID is present in the top left corner of the electricity bill.

mp online page 1

Step 2 – Click the link  to go to MP electricity online bill payment gateway and you will see the below screen.

mp online page 2

Step 3 – In the Choose Identifier *:  Select Account ID/IVRS and in the Account Id *: put the IVRS number that is present in the electricity bill. Submit the details and you will see the below screen

mp online page 3

Step 4 – You can see the tabs as View and Pay etc. Select Pay if you do not want to view the details or select view and pay to to check the bill and then to make the payment. After clicking on payment you will see this screen

mp online page 4

Step 5 – Select your payment option and after verifying your details you would be able to pay the bill very easily. After successful payment you can download the bill for your refrence.

Note – Madhya Pradesh electricity board (MPEB) has started SMS registration facility in which you will be notified 5 days before your payment due date.

Following options are available SMS registration:

  • By Visiting this website
  • Send SMS to 8889241300
    “MPWZ REG [Service Number]” to register.
    “MPWZ UNREG [Service Number]” to unregistered.
    “MPWZ GET [Service Number]” to get bill details.

Kindly always take care while entering your service number; it must be in correct format. You can get you service number in the above screen shot while making an online payment or in your bill. Service number is basically the IVRS number.

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