Apr 122014
The Heartbleed Bug is a Very Serious Concern

The Heartbleed bug has been discovered recently and it has been found that it can cause significant damages to websites. It just doesn’t stop there. This could especially expose anyone’s personal data to thieves. The bug has affected nearly half a million websites so far. This works in that OpenSSL websites are being adjusted to Continue Reading

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Apr 012014
Manuel Valls Named the New PM of France

Manuel Valls, the Interior Minister of France, has been named as the new Prime Minister of the country. This comes after the Socialist party experienced a number of significant losses in elections around the country. These include loses to the National Front and conservative candidates on the right end of the spectrum. Valls is very Continue Reading

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Mar 282014
Hales hundred make England Happy

England and Sri Lanka were against each other, Sri Lanka won recent matches same vice versa with England team, and they were struggling for a victory.  At Chittagong on Zahur Ahmad Chowdhury stadium England taste their first triumphs against Sri Lanka and It was their highest chase in T-20 international earlier before it was 178 Continue Reading